Collecting Data and Graphing

John Ramsey, Jr. Teacher's Acad. For Math and Science
10 West 35th Street
Chicago IL 60616


This is a multi-level lesson.
(A) To see the relationship of student's arm span versus height.
(B) To compare data with their classmates.
(C) To construct a graph using various data and where to plot it.
(D) To work in pairs cooperatively.
(E) To learn to use the meter stick.
(F) To count the number of different colored cubes.

Materials Needed:

2 cm. sq. interlocking cubes, meter sticks, rulers, graph sheets and


(A) To work in pairs to measure arm span and height.
(B) To count the colored cubes and see who has more or less of each color

Performance Assessment:

To check the students' understanding of this experiment with measuring
arm span versus height, let the students measure each other with the
meter stick.
Graph another classroom with the same age as your class, to compare data.
Drawing conclusions can be learned from both experiments.


The students will be able to become familiar with these two experiments.
Also, they will learn to graph using the data they have collected and how
to use a meter stick.

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