Emma Taylor Douglass Math and Science Academy
543 North Waller
Chicago IL 60644


To introduce 5th and 6th grade students to percents.
To demonstrate to students how to change fractions to decimals.
To show students how to change decimals to percents.

Materials Needed:

Colored tape, pencils and worksheets.


This lesson will consist of 100 squares that will be measured within one
classroom. The students will also be broken up into different groups so they
can measure the section of the science lab independently. The students will
give the total number of floor tiles counted to a recorder in each group so
that each group can find the percentage of each area in the science lab.

Performance Assessment:

The students will be able to recognize a certain percentage, to convert the
fraction into a percent, and percent into a decimal.
Students will be given worksheets, so they can determine the ratio of each given
fraction and vice-versa.

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