Measuring in Inches and Centimeters

Debra Thomas Douglass Math and Science Academy
543 N. Waller St.
Chicago IL 60644


To teach 6th grade students how to measure in inches and centimeters.

Materials Needed:

Paper clips, straws, yarn, 1" cubes, centimeter cubes, rulers, tagboard and


The students will measure common and familiar objects using both the 1" cubes
and centimeter cubes.
The students will then use the 1" cubes to make a 12" ruler and the centimeter
cubes to make a 31 centimeter ruler.
The students will then measure common objects using both the inch ruler and the
centimeter ruler.
Students will convert from inches to centimeters and from centimeters to inches.

Performance Assessment:

Students will be assessed on how well they make their rulers.
Students will be assessed on how accurate their measurements are as compared
to those made with an actual ruler.

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