An Introduction to Data Reading and Computations

Christeen Brown Robert Fulton Elementary
5300 S. Hermitage St
Chicago IL 60609
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This lesson is designed for grade levels 3-5

Upon completion of the lesson, the students should be able to:

L Identify data on the horizontal (x) axis and vertical (y) axis
L Read numbered pounds on a weight scale
L Estimate pounds upon sight before given known weight
L Identify actual weight
L Understand the importance of controlling body weight
L Observe fat, calorie, sugar and sodium intake of certain foods compared with
the daily recommended allowances
L Discover and apply rules of computations for determining how much weight to
gain, lose or retain
L Design their own data chart

Materials Needed:

L Nutritional Facts brochures of several fast food restaurants
L Bathroom scale
L Calculator (optional)
L Paper
L Writing tools

Recommended Strategy:

L Have students guess the weight of their classmates
L Have students weigh themselves on the scale
L Create a data chart (guessed weight compared to actual weight)
L Choose a routine menu from three of the different fast food restaurant
L Locate the items on the data chart and list the calorie, sugar, fat and sodium
intake of each of the chosen items
L Compare the compiled data of a regular menu to the daily recommended
L Decide whether their is a need to lose, gain or maintain weight according to
findings after computing totals of data

Performance Assessment:

Demonstrate a usage of how to control weight using basic computation of data
chart readings. Incorporate this activity into becoming healthy the
mathematical way.

This project is best used in teaching Fitness the mathematical way.
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