Graphing Speed

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Students will be able to understand how to graph information.

Students will be able to graph a running exercise.

Students will be able to identify the horizontal axis and vertical axis.

Students will be able to compile information to make a graph.

* This lesson is designed for grade levels 3-5

Materials Needed:

Poster Boards Markers

Stop Watches Jogging Wear

Gym Shoes


This lesson is designed for each child or group. Students will go outside or in
the hallway. Student will list activities in three categories: running, walking,
and jogging. Students will use stop watches to time each other. After children
have recorded data have them graph each time on poster boards.

* Children can decide on the distance.

* Start lesson with a graph.

Yolanda ran 3 miles in 1 hour, Christeen ran 4 miles in 2 hours and Bob ran 5
miles in 3 hours.

* Allow each group or child to demonstrate their answer.
Children can use blackboard or paper

Performance Assessment:

Teacher observation and completion of the graph on the poster board.
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