Making Ice Cream

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This lesson is for grade levels 5th through 8th.

1. After the lesson the students will be able change a recipe to arrive at
the amount of each ingredient needed to serve a given number of people.
2. The students will explore, observe, examine, measure and mix the
ingredients provided.
3. The students will convert metric units to the English units of measurement.

Materials Needed:

Zip-Lock Freezer Plastic Bag (27 cm x 28 cm)
Zip-Lock Freezer Plastic Bag (18 cm x 20.3 cm)
Ice (enough to fill the larger bag half full)
Salt (90 ml or 90 g)
Spoons (enough for the members in your group)
Towel or Newspaper


The students will solve the following problem by changing it to the English
units of measurement.
This recipe makes four servings of ice cream. This recipe serves eight.

125 ml milk Change to:
15 g sugar Change to:
1.2 ml Vanilla Change to:

Fill large Zip-Lock Freezer bag half full of ice.
Measure liquid and dry ingredients.
Combine milk, sugar, and vanilla in small Zip-Lock Freezer bag.
Seal--squeezing out all the air.
Place the small sealed bag containing the milk mixture into the large bag
containing the ice.
Add salt to the ice.
Seal again, squeezing out all the air.
Wrap the bags in a towel or several layers of newspaper.
Roll, or shake back and forth, until mixture reaches a thick ice cream

Performance Assessment:

The students must change a different recipe from the metric units of
measurement to the English units of measurement. Then they must double the
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