Sales Tax

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This lesson is design for grade level 6-8
Upon completion of the lesson, the students should be able to:
* Find out what percent of sales tax is changed when purchasing
merchandise or food by dividing the price by the sales tax.
* Understand the differences of sales tax on merchandise and food.


* Store catalogs (eg. J. C. Penny, Spiegel, Montgomery Wards, Sears, Venture,
K Mart, Carson Pirie Scott.)
* Store Receipts
* A chart made out similar to a receipt: Titled in one column Items and in
the other column Price. At the bottom Price column should be Subtotal, Tax
and Total.

Recommended Strategy:

* Introduce to the students that they have a certain amount of items to
to purchase 5-10 items.
* Explain to the class, they are given $500.00 to spend and the one who
comes closet to spending $500.00 will receive a prize.
* Write down items, the page you picked the item from and write down the
price. Be as specific as possible.
* Divide the class into groups of two or three. Each member will get to
purchase at least $160.00 maximum. Out of the 5-10 items purchased, you
must include a discount.
* Each group will be given a store name and their neighbor store will check
for errors.
* After everything is checked the store that has an error will be given a
consequence. The store who finds the error or that individual will be

Performance Assessment:

Discuss with class the different taxes in each state (Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio
and Illinois). Observe the errors and prices of stores in each state and find
which group came closet to $500.00 and issue out prizes. This project best used
in the morning.

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