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-Grades 5-8 -Students will covert scaled directions in inches to actual measurements in feet. -Students will correctly measure distances on an outdoor path. -Students will enlarge a section of a map 5:1. Materials Needed:

-scaled directions (one set per group)
-calculators (one per group)
-tape measures (one per group)
-"microchips" (one per group)
-map of IIT campus (one per group)
-8 1/2 x 11 paper (one sheet per group)
-rulers (one per group)
-colored pencils


Divide students into groups of four or five.

Tell students they are on a mission: In order to be hired as spies for an
upcoming project, they must successfully complete the following task before it
self-destructs in 50 minutes!

1. Students are given four directions scaled in inches.

2. Students convert these directions into actual measurements by using

3. Students measure the actual distances on an outside path that leads to a
hidden "microchip".

4. Students exchange their "microchip" for a map of the IIT campus.

5. Students enlarge a section of the map 5:1.

6. Students plot their path on the enlarged map.

Performance Assessment:

Students enlarge a section of an IIT map 5:1, and then plot their path taken to
find the "microchip".

Students compare their maps to a master map, and are graded according to
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