Shapes (Geometric)

Violet M. Nash Spencer Math and Science Academy
214 North Lavergne
Chicago IL 60644
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Students will be able to illustrate various geometric shapes such as a triangle,
square, and rectangle on a one inch square grid using pennies. Designed for
second grade.
Students will be able to demonstrate how to make a one dimensional vest using
butcher block paper and various fabrics. Designed for seven and eight grades.

Materials Needed:

Ten pennies per student
One inch square grid (8"x10" sheet of paper)
One square yard of butcher block paper per student
One yard of fabric (various widths or lengths) per student
Clear tape
Scratch paper
Neon paper
Shape packet-square (2"x2"), rectangle (3"x5"), and triangle (6")


Demonstrate to class, using a 20"x20" sheet of paper, how to cut a round,
square, scallop, or triangle shape neckline. Cut the paper in half to form two
rectangles. Explain to class that they are going to be a designer and
creatively style their own vest. Show drawings of several designs to class.


1. Give each student ten pennies and a grid sheet
2. Using pennies and grid sheet, instruct students to illustrate the shape of a
triangle, square, and rectangle
3. Allow students to select a partner and give each person a sheet of butcher
block paper and a piece of fabric
4. Have students select a partner (approximately the same height) and give them
a marker, scissors, a shape packet (cut from neon paper), and tape
5. Tape paper to wall and with marker trace outline of partner's body from the
waist up
6. Students are to create their own custom design vest and tape to butcher
block paper
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