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Having Fun Working With Fractions

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Model each addition and subtraction example by shading parts of each region

Divide a word into appropriate fractional parts

Pay attention to details in instruction relating to " first", " last", "second", etc.

Analyze clues and decode the message

Use standard algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions

Materials Needed:

15 12 in. by 12 in. Dry Erase Boards ( If not applicable you may have the students section off the chalkboard into square regions)

1 Dry erase markers (two different colors)

1 Ruler

1 Game Board (Pre-made)

1 Pair of dice

5 Game pieces

1 Calculator

1 Mars candy bar


Station #1 "Fractional Parts"

Students will use their dry erase boards to model five problems using addition and subtraction of fractions from off the board by shading parts of each region. Using one of the color markers to shade the parts. (See section for materials needed.)

Station #2 "Mars Fraction Hunt"

Students will write the appropriate parts of the words on the line to form a new word. When the message is complete, the first student to decode the message will be rewarded with a Mars candy bar. Ex.) The first half of food + the last quarter of door and the answer will be the first half of fo/od = fo and the last quarter of doo/r = r makes the new word for.

Station #3 "Mir Mission To Mars Game Using Fractions"

Teacher will create a board game making a path from Earth to Mars using around 30 to 40 spaces between the two planets. The teacher will use index cards for the three decks needed for the game. The first deck will be called "Danger" these cards are used to make the players either lose a turn, go back to Earth, or go back a specific amount of spaces. The second deck will be called "Warp Drive 1" consisting of problems where the players will have to answer easier problems consisting of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions. The third deck will be called "Warp Drive 2" which will be made up of more difficult problems using fractions. This game is designed to be use as a cumulative activity on the students understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions. It is intended for 6, 7, and 8 graders but can be modified for the lower grades by changing the difficulty of the questions on the cards to fit your specific grade level.


1.) Each player rolls the dice to determine who goes first. The person with the highest number goes first, the play continues clockwise.

2.) The first player takes a card from either Warp Drive 1 stack or the Warp Drive 2 stack of cards.

3.) If the player answers the question/problem correctly, he/she will then roll the dice.

4.) The number rolled is the number of spaces the player may advance on the board.

5.) If the player answers the question incorrectly, they do not move, nor do they roll the dice.

6.) If a player lands on "Danger", he/she must take a card from the "Danger" stack and follow the instructions written on it.

7.) Play continues until all players have landed on Mars. The first one to reach Mars is the winner!!

Performance Assessment:

Ongoing assessment throughout the game based on the students’ ability to answer a percentage of questions correctly.