Measuring for Cookies

Sally J Hill Roberto Clemente Community Academy

1147 N Western Avenue

Chicago IL 60622

(773) 534-4037


Materials Needed:

Sanitizing wash Measuring cups and spoons (Standard and metric)
Towel Cooling rack
Apron Toaster oven
Hair net Mixer
Mixing bowls Baking sheet
Spatula Timer
Spoons Pot Holder


Baking soda   Brown sugar
Butter   Chocolate chip morsels
Flour   Salt
Shortening   Sugar
Vanilla flavoring


The class will divide into two groups. Each group will choose a leader, who will be the only person allowed to communicate with the teacher. This usually encourages students to work together and to try different ways to complete their tasks. The teacher informs the class that each group will be making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The teacher stresses the importance of good hygiene and sanitation, and makes sure that each student washes his/her hands. (All ingredients, toaster oven, timer, and cooking/baking utensils are assembled and laid out on a table.) The group leaders will receive a packet containing labeled envelopes that identify the ingredients and the amounts to be measured out. Each group will receive instructions that outline the sequence in which the measured ingredients are combined and who should actually do the mixing, baking, etc. The leader will have the only copy of the complete recipe. The leader will then distribute the envelopes to the group members and observe to make sure they are following the directions given. (Group A will use the standard measurements and group B will use the metric measurements.)

Performance Assessment:

This activity is being conducted in a way to help students to see clearly the importance of making accurate measurements and following directions. Once students determine that cookies are being made, this motivates the students and they usually will verify the accurate measurement of ingredients by other group members. After the cookies bake, the teacher will examine the cookies for texture, size, shape, crispness, softness, etc. This will lead into a discussion in which the students estimate what caused the cookie to be soft, crisp, etc. The students will also engage in a discussion in which they would identify the measuring utensil used and explain the importance of accurate measuring, estimating, and following directions. I would also have the students to complete an observation sheet on this lab experience and identify alternate measuring utensils they could substitute. While the cookies were baking, we would discuss the measuring utensils used for particular ingredients and reducing or increasing recipes.


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