Data Collection -Primary Poster

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Students will learn how to collect, graph and analyze data.

Materials Needed:

pencils, markers or crayons, chart paper, scratch paper


Students will take their scratch paper and select a question that they are interested in finding information about, such as What is your favorite food? Then students choose three items that their classmates will have to choose from; for example, 1)pizza, 2) hot dog, 3) nachos. With some instruction on data collection, students in groups, survey the other students on their question using tally marks. After students have collected their data, students take the chart paper and fold it into four equal parts. At the top of the paper, the students turn their question into an incomplete sentence. For example, My favorite food is… On the top, left fourth of the paper, the student draws the three items. The top, right fourth, the student has a small chart with each item listed with the tally marks beside them under the appropriate category. You might want to have a preprinted chart ready. The bottom, left side of the paper will contain an actual line graph. You might want to have this graph preprinted especially for the younger children. The last area of the poster becomes five questions that the students create by observing his/her collected data. For example, How many students liked nachos? or How many more students liked pizza than hot dogs? The questions are not to be answered.

Project Extension: After the projects are completed, students might exchange their posters with their classmates to be answered.

Generic Example Of Primary Poster:

Three Pictures of Selected Items



Chart with Tally Marks From Survey
Line Graph




Five Student Generated Questions


Performance Assessment:

The final poster/presentation should display four skilled areas. For each correct section, the student should receive 25 points for each section.

Project Extension: Each question answered correctly should receive 20 points.


The Teachers Academy of Arts and Sciences Presentation, 1994.