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Lesson for K-4th grade (depends on how you modify them)
(1) Learning about light.

(2) What kind of property does light have?

(3) How light travels in a straight line?

(4) How light can be reflected.

(5) How light can be absorbed.

(6) How light can be refracted.

(7) Light is energy.

Materials Needed:

two mirrors, two volunteers, light source


(1) Each of the volunteers will pick up a mirror.
(2) One of them will go out and stand by the outside door so that
he/she can use the natural light as light source. The other
person will stay inside the auditorium in a way that both of
you can see each other.
(3) Turn off the light in the auditorium.
(4) The person outside will hold the mirror up to make a light
beam so that the light beam will hit right on the person who is
holding a mirror inside the auditorium.
(5) The person inside will hold the mirror up so that his/her mirror
can use the light beam which comes from outside to make another
light beam and hit the screen inside the auditorium.

BONUS ACTIVITIES - How to make a Kaleidoscope?


a paper towel roll, a 6-foot by 10-foot wrapping paper,
3 pieces of glasses of same size, scotch tape, a cap for the roll
clear plastic paper, two rubber band, drill


(1) Use the three piece of glasses to form an equilateral triangular
(2) Use the hot glue gun to stick them in place.
(3) Pick up the prism and put it inside the paper towel roll.
(4) Use the wrapping paper to wrap around the paper towel roll
with the prism inside and tape it.
(5) Put a piece of the plastic paper on each end of the paper towel
roll and have each of them stay in place with a rubber bend.
(6) Drill a hole on the cap.
(7) Put the cap on one end of the roll.

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