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This lesson is designed to introduce math at the kindergarten level. All
students should be able to:

1. Learn basic colors
2. Sort according to colors
3. Count 1 through 10

Materials Needed:

For a class of thirty students you will need the following:

30 small bags of M&MS
30 coffee filters
30 papers with colors red, blue, orange, brown, yellow, and green written in


Have students guess how many M&M'S are in the bag.
Open bag of candy and put candy into coffee filter.
Sort all M&M's into sets by colors using the color sheet.
Name each color and count each set.
Once activity is finish have students put M&M's
back into their coffee filters.
Ask students to put two M&M in their mouth.
Have students count how many are left.
Eat two more. How many M&M'S do you have left?

Performance Assessment:

Each student will be orally assessed on colors, sorting, and counting 1-10.


The students should be able to name various colors.
Sort according to colors and count 1-10.


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