Photos of some of the 2000 SMILE activities

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Learning what is meant by the 'Greatest Common Factor' by measuring and comparing liquid volumes. Besides discovering the need for a standard unit of volume, what else do you think we learned?

Discovering facts about sound by making vibrations in various materials. Here we are tapping rubber membranes stretched over each end of a tube. What may be learned from this?

Who's rocket will go the farthest? In shop we each made a stomp rocket and then had a contest. Aside from the construction skills, what important factors do you think we learned?

The Biology/Chemistry trying various experiments.

The Shop Experience

In shop the teachers made apparatus for their mini-teaches as well as things which may be used to pique the curiosity of the students through a phenomenological approach. For many of the participants it was the first experience using power tools and learning shop safety. The shop is also available during the bi-weekly academic year classes.

From Computer novices to the experienced, we wrote up our mini-teachs (our classroom activities or lessons) for the SMILE book and for the website you may now be visiting.

Last update Saturday, September 23, 2000

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