A Landing Craft Egg Drop

Jake Carter Douglass Math and Science Academy
543 North Waller
Chicago IL 60644


This experiment will help educators, parents, and students become involved
in an all school project. The project will base its study in the areas of
biology, physics, and mathematics. The experiment uses a scientific method to
transport a life form in its embryonic stage. The group will have to create a
landing craft to carry the embryo to safety from drop height of 10dm, 15dm, and

Materials needed:

Newspaper Styrofoam cup Paper towel
Pencils Graph paper Lab report form
Tape Marshmallows 2 Meter stick


The group will break up into smaller units. This Will aid in the creation
of many models of the landing crafts. After each unit has collected all of the
needed materials, they will return to their areas for designing the landing
craft. ( brain storm ) cut strips of newspaper 6cm long. Use the cups as the
transport holders. Fill the two cups with paper towels and the 2cm.marshmallows
to a dept of 4cm. That the strips of newspaper and wrap them with tape.
Suppress the paper towels and marshmallows to 5cm. Run the wrapped newspaper
through the cups by putting a hole through from side to side, tape each end.
Place the embryo inside the transport. Secure embryo for limited movement with
marshmallows surrounding it completely. Close the two cups with tape running
vertically along the outer sides. You must allow for a 2cm opening between the
two cups.

Create a parachute with two pieces of paper towels and strips of tape 3dm
long. Attach a strip of tape at each end of the paper towels. Attach the other
end of tape at the 2cm opening between the cups. Each unit is ready to test its
landing craft. Attach a 2m stick to the wall with tape. Take the landing craft
and hold it by the parachute with the bottom of the craft touching the 10dm mark
on the stick. Release the transport craft. Recover the craft and make your
observations, record your data on the safety of the life form. Repeat the
experiment at the other two drop height and record the data.

Performance Assessment:

Each unit will be able to successfully design a safety craft for the
transporting life forms.

Measure height in metric measurement.

Communicate data using graphs and lab reporting forms.

Participate in a post lab discussion.
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