Let's Make A Graph

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Objectives For Mini-teach:

This mini-teach is for kindergarten.
The learner will: participate in making a graph
be able to make a simple bar graph
predict and observe to see if prediction is verified
review and demonstrate ability to sort by colors

Materials needed:

One bar graph showing months
Twenty of the following: 5 x 7 cards, magnets, crayons, simple bar
graphs, zip lock bags, and M & M candies.

Strategy For Mini-teach:

- Show bar graphs in magazines, observe if children know what a graph is
and what the highest bar means.
- Review months of the year.
- Pass out cards and crayons and have children make pictures of themselves
and write their names.
- The entire class participates in making the birthday graph. Class then
discusses what month has the most birthdays, has the least, and any month
that has the same number.
- Give our graph our name. Vote on it.
- Make a web. Ask children what else we can graph.

Follow Up Co-operative Learning
- Separate class into four groups.
- Choosing from web, each group will make their own graph.
- Upon completion each group will present and explain their graph to the

Performance Assessment:

Learner will make his\her own graph using a bag of M+M's.
-Estimate how many M+M's in bag
-Open bag and count
-Sort M+M,s by color
-Make a graph

Ask learners what color has the most,least, same amount?
Teacher will walk around and observe learners application of above.
80% of group will be able to obtain information and graph


Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics, page 68

M+M's chocolate candies is a registered trademark of Mars, Incorporated

State Goal:

Use methods of data collection and analysis, including tables and charts.
Use mathematical skills to estimate, approximate and predict outcomes and to
judge reasonableness of results.

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