Can you invent or make a musical instrument?

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The student will be able to:
-invent musical instruments that produce sound.
-observe vibrations of different instruments.

Materials Needed:

A variety of tubes, cans, elastics that will produce sounds.


Throughout history people of many cultures, played musical instruments. Most
instruments people made from materials found around the house. Hollow logs
probably were the first drums; reeds, the first wind instruments; they also used
tough stems or dried animal parts for the stringed instruments.

To make a castinette, use a dowel bar, with a nail in the bottom. On the top of
the dowel bar you need a rubber ball that needs to be glued to the end of the
dowel rod. You then need to place at one end four wooden napkin rings. Now
shake, you now have made a castinette.

To make a drum, you will need old coffee cans and oatmeal containers.

To make a shaker you need an old soda can filled with rice or gravel.

To make a sandblock you need sandpaper glued to two wooden blocks. Now rub them

Performance Assessment:

As an assessment, students can make a folder that contains different graphs and
pictures of musical instruments that they have tried to make. At the end of
each month, it would be a show and tell day.


Today, some of our music is produced by electronics or other synthetic means.
But many of the old ways of producing music are still being used, and some old
ways of producing music are being revived.

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