Moving, Pushing and Pulling                       

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State Goal 3 and 4:

As a result of their schooling, students will have a working knowledge of:
- the principles of scientific research and their application in simple
research projects;
- the processes, techniques, methods, equipment and available technology of


- Students will be able to analyze, evaluate or replicate the experimental work
of others.
- Students will be able to observe, classify and predict
- Students will be able to make inferences about phenomena observed.
- Students will be able to collect data, define concepts and verify results.


Grade 7 and 8
Students will learn how to apply natural laws (specifically Newton's Laws) in
science through observation, manipulation and assessment

Materials Needed:

Audience: Class of 32 students divided into cooperative learning groups
Toy dishes, small tablecloth, toy trucks, cars, tractors, ball and paddle,
klick-klackers, beach ball, football
Transparencies of ski jumper, football players, diver, someone jumping from
boat, earth showing gravitational pull
Overhead projector, blank transparency and marker


1. Throw ball back and forth. What is happening?
2. Push, pull and move toys. How are they all alike? What do they do?
3. When they stand still how do we describe the toys? (at rest)
4. When we push the toys we say they are in (motion).
5. Put dishes on small tablecloth and try to pull the tablecloth from under-
neath them. What does this show? (inertia)
6. Students will manipulate ball and paddle and klick-klackers. What does this
show? (action-reaction)
7. Have students throw the football. Then have students simulate tackling and
falling. What does this show? (motion and inertia)
8. Transparencies - Students will identify what law each picture shows. (Newton's
laws of motion and gravitational force)


1. Identify what picture/activity showed what law
2. Self-assessment-I know Newton's Laws because...(3 of 4 items correct)
3. Portfolio-Cut out a picture or draw a picture that shows Newton's Laws.
Write the law and color the pictures.
4. Performance Assessment-(similar to IGAP)-Students must select one of four
items correctly.(3 of 4 questions)
5. Students will use an abacus and identify what on the abacus shows Newton's

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