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To demonstrate the concept of coexistence and how natural resources are


Sponge, pillow, egg beater, cradle, sieve, coffee filter, antacid, cereal, soap,
picture of zoo, picture of garden, picture of resort, paper fasteners, "Moving
Raindrops" handout, "Field Identification Reference Sheet", graph paper, map of
Illinois, scissors, colored sticky tabs to show the presence of DDT and PCB's.


The earth is a closed system which is demonstrated by the water cycle and the
exchange of carbon and oxygen by plants and animals. Water is very important
and the amount of water that is available for drinking should be kept clean.
Show the amount of drinkable water in relationship to salt water. All life is
related. The quality of our food chain and the types of organisms present in
our immediate environment represent our quality of life.

1. Distribute the circles labeled carbon and the circles labeled oxygen.
The plants give animals two oxygen circles, and the animals give the plants
one carbon circle. This process continues until the plants are out of
circles. At this point the plants curl-up on the floor and become a seed.
2. To illustrate the beginning and prevention of pollution and the importance
of attempting to protect the environment; distribute 4 large bass fish, 16
middle size spulkins with 3 pollution dots on each, 24 mussels each with 2
pollution dots. The larger eat the smaller, thus pollution.

Performance Assessment:

A KNOW.WONDER.LEARN chart, which organizes information. The chart permits a
student to begin with prior experience, continue listing learned items, and
listing items that need to be answered or researched. Also, information will be
graphically represented and peer/cooperative learning activities will be used as
an assessment tool.


Intelligent organisms take care of their environment.


Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Celebrating Earth 1970-1995.

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