Investigations with Bubbles

Sandra M Green Frazier School
4027 West Grenshaw
Chicago IL 60624
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This activity is introduced to seventh and eighth grade students.

1. Students will be able to perform a scientific experiment.
2. Students will collect and record data in graphic form.
3. Students will develop skills in observation.
4. Students will learn how to design their own bubble makers.
5. Students will be able to determine the diameters of the bubbles using
a metric ruler.

Materials Needed:

Four kinds of dishwashing liquid (Dove, Joy, Palmolive, and Dawn), water,
sugar, glycerin, corn syrup, gelatin, straws, wire, balloons, strings, paper
cups, scissors, clothespins, meter sticks, calculators, wooden spools of thread,


Set up four test stations using the dishwashing solutions. Students will
design their own bubble makers using instructions and material given to them.
Students will pour dishwashing liquid onto the surface of the table using their
hands to wet about (45cm) in diameter. They will dip a straw into the solution
in the container. With the straw just touching the soapy surface, they will
blow gently to form a bubble dome and continue blowing until it pops. With a
meter stick they will measure the inside diameter of the ring of soap suds left
by the bubble dome. Students will work in groups to measure the bubbles from
all four solutions. Each group should do four trials per solution. They will
band the bubbles from biggest to smallest bubbles made.

Performance Assessment:

Groups will be able to graph results of bubble investigation.

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