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The purpose of this lesson is to introduce a variety of math games. These
games may be used by teachers at all grade levels to reinforce math skills.

Materials Needed:

1. empty egg cartons (1 dozen)
2. beans
3. a deck of playing cards
4. 2 domino games (one double nines and one double sixes)
5. worksheets for highest sum, dominoes addition, and highest product
6. transparencies for mankala and dominoes explanations


The following activities deal with games that reinforce math skills. I
have used them and found that they have helped motivate students to learn while
using math skills. The games involve using cards, dominoes, and an egg carton
with beans.

Open by passing out the worksheet on the highest sum. Explain that you
will be calling out the number of the card that is pulled. Participants are to
write that number into one of the squares on their paper as soon as the number
is called. After the last number is called, participants are to add up their
numbers. The persons with the highest sum win. Place their names on the board.
The first person to win three times can call the next set of numbers.

The next group of activities deals with dominoes. The first game requires
a worksheet that has sixteen pictures of different dominoes. On the domino
participants will notice that there are two groups of dots on each side of the
domino. Participants are to count the dots on one side and write the number
beneath the dots. Then place a (+) sign next to the number. Next, count the
number of dots on the other side and write that number beneath those dots. Now
you should have an equation to solve. Solve the equation for this and the other
fifteen dominoes.

The second domino activity requires a transparency or large dominoes which
can be seen by the audience. This activity is meant to show how a person may
lay down or play a domino. Dominoes may only be played next to a domino with
the same number on a side. Any domino that has the same number of dots on each
side is referred to as a spinner. All spinners must be laid down perpendicular
to any other dominoes.

The third domino activity also requires a transparency or large dominoes.
This activity will show how a player may score points in dominoes. All the
outside dots must first be added up. If the sum of those points is a multiple
of five, that person receives the sum of those points. The first person to get
105 points is the winner.

The last activity requires the use of the empty egg carton and the beans.
Participants will place three beans in each hole of the egg carton. They will
place their basket to their right. Play begins by one player picking up all the
beans in a hole and placing one bean in each of the holes in front of the hole
they came from. When that player reaches the last hole on one side and has one
bean in their hand they may place it in their basket. Each bean in the basket
equals one point. If, in the course of play, a player places their last bean in
an empty hole they may take any beans in the hole across from it. All of those
beans are placed in that player's basket. Any time you put a bean in your
basket your turn is continued. After one side has been completely emptied both
players count the number of beans in their baskets. The person with the most
beans wins.

Performance Assessment:

Participants will be asked to go to four different stations. Each station
will have one of the previously mentioned games. Participants are to play each
game for about 15 minutes. The papers that they complete will show whether they
have mastered each activity.
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