Graphing Exercise:

Yolanda F. Smith Douglass Math and Science Academy
543 N. Waller
Chicago IL 60644
(312) 534-6174


*This lesson is designed for grade levels 3-5.

Students will be able to understand how to graph information.

Students will be able to graph a running exercise.

Students will be able to identify the horizontal axis and vertical axis.

Students will be able to compile information to make a graph.

Materials Needed:

Poster Boards Markers

Stop Watches Jogging Wear

Gym Shoes


This lesson is designed for 2 or more groups. Students will go outside or in the
hallway. Students will list activities in three categories: running, walking,
and jogging. Students will use stop watches to time each other. After children
have recorded data, have them graph each time on poster boards.

-Have children measure a distance of 100ft.

-Pick a data recorder out of the group.

-Pick a time keeper out of the group.

*Optional: (Have prize for the winner in each category.)

Performance Assessment:

Teacher observation and completion of the graph on the poster board. Each group
should be able to read and understand another group's graph.
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