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This mini-teach is for fourth grade.

The learner will: participate in making a graph
be able to make a simple graph
predict and observe
perform accurate measuring
follow directions

Materials Needed:

Tape measures
Graph paper
Instruction and Table sheets


-Show examples of a bar graph to reinforce the concepts of a bar graph.
-Distribute tape measures, instruction and table sheets, then explain.
-Divide students into groups
-Instruct students to follow the directions on the instruction sheet.
-After measuring the arm span predict the person's height.

Follow-up Learning:

-As a homework assignment have students conduct this same activity on their
family members or friends.
-Students will randomly switch homework graphs with their classmates to be
read in class.

Performance Assessment:

-Learner will be able to construct a graph of the girls and boys height and
arm span of the class.
-A table of the students' height and arm span will be distributed to each
-Each student will construct their own graph of the class..

Teacher will circulate and observe the learners application of the above.
Graph should be 85% correct.


A Quantitative Approach of Elementary Science, p. 11-14

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