Changes In Matter

Sheila McKinnon Sherman School
1000 W. 52nd Street
Chicago IL. 60607

Team Members: Sheila McKinnon, Sandra Broomes and Angela Scott

Objective: The main objective of the Mini-teach is to show primary & intermediate students the three states of matter. Materials: One cube of ice One sponge Table top for each team Timer (clock) Work Sheet Strategy: Give each team an ice cube. Have the students use what ever they can to melt the ice cube, timing from when they receive it. When finished, be able to determine the states of matter by reporting what had happened and how they melted their cube. Then students must hypothesize what happens to the water after they wipe it off the table. Performance Assessment: 3 points--Understand the three states of matter. Can tell you that the water left by the sponge went into the air as water vapor. Was able to verbalize and write the process. 2 points--Understood the three states of matter. Was able to verbalize only the solid and liquid. 1 point--Understood the three states of matter. Was unable to verbalize any of the process. 0 points--Did not understand the three states of matter.
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