Recycling In The Classroom:  Sorting Through Garbage

Christina Noran Delano Elementary School
3937 W. Wilcox Street
Chicago Illinois 60624
(312) 534-6620

Judy Lerner & Belinda Rawls Delano Elementary School

This lesson is to be done with students in the primary grades. The main objectives of the lesson include having students list the different sorting categories of waste, sorting materials for recycling, creating a simple bar graph and interpreting data from the graph. Materials Needed: 1. One bag of 'clean' garbage that includes examples of paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass. 2. A prepared graph for students to demonstrate the number of products for each category. 3. A list of questions that allow students to interpret the graph. 4. Crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Strategy: Have the children look at the material in the bag and describe the different categories of waste. After they have done this, have the students sort the materials into the different categories. Give students a blank graph so that they can record their results. Performance Assessment: Attached to the graph, the students should have a list of questions where they can demonstrate their ability to interpret information on their graph and draw conclusions. Conclusion: Students will benefit from this activity in several different ways. First, it helps to make them more aware of what they are throwing out in the trash. Second, it helps students become more aware of materials that can be recycled. Third, students will become familiar with creating and interpreting graphs.
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