Victor M. McFarlane Kanoon Magnet School
2233 S Kedzie Ave
Chicago IL 60623

Juliette Walker Crown Elementary
Angela Patrick Crown Elementary

Objectives: This lesson can be adapted to any grade level. The main objective of the Mini-teach, is for student to understand why we use dish washing liquid to wash our soiled eating utensils. Materials Needed: Container with flat bottom (baking sheet). Milk. Food coloring. Dish washing detergent. (Note:a plastic petri dish may be substituted for the baking sheet). Strategy: 1. Pour the milk into the container until the bottom is completely covered. 2. Observe. 3. Sprinkle a drop of each food color on the milk. 4. Observe. 5. Add a few drops of detergent in the middle of the largest blob of color and watch what happens. Performance Assessment: 1. What happens when the food color is drop in the milk? 2. Why do the colors explode? 3. What causes the colors to explode? Conclusions: Milk contains drops of fat, which do not mix with the water-soluble food coloring. The Cohesive force between milk molecules allow the food coloring to hold its dropped shape. Whenever the dish washing liquid touches the milk it breaks up the drops of fat which the spread out, allowing the food coloring and milk to mix. References: Penrose, Gordon: "Dr. Zed's Exploding Colors"; Owl Magazine; March 1989; p. 8-9.
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