Letter to Parents:

November [*22], 19[*xx]

Dear Parents:

[*Your school] will hold its annual science fair on December [*12], 19[*xx].  
Each student is required to participate in this important learning experience.  
Student projects are to be completed at home independently by the student.  All 
projects are to be brought to the school for display on December [*10th].  We 
are asking you to assist your child in preparing his/her exhibit. 

Science teachers have discussed possible projects, guidelines, and rules 
governing the competition.  We will assist your child as much as possible.  This 
assistance is limited to answering questions, steering him/her to resources, 
offering encouragement, and keeping the student on track.  However, students 
must complete their own projects independently. 

Students are encouraged to select a project that requires experimentation and 
the use of scientific processes and critical thinking skills, such as: 

What is the effect of fertilizer on plant growth?

How does moisture affect the growth of bread mold?

How do different substances absorb the sun's energy?

To what extent do different insulating materials affect heat loss/gain?

Additional sample problem statements, along with evaluation forms, progress and 
judging sheets, are posted in each science classroom. 

The [*put in #] best projects at each grade level will be selected for our 
school science fair in January.  Judges will select winners from this group to 
represent [*your school] at the District [*xx] Science Fair. 

We hope you will encourage your child to participate in this special activity.  
If you have any questions, please phone me at [*your number], between [*8:30 and 
8:55 am]. 

Thank you,

[*your name]
Science Fair Coordinator

Approved:  [*your principal], Principal

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