High School Biology Chemistry SMILE Meeting
05 September 2000
Notes Prepared by Earl Zwicker

Pat Riley (Lincoln Park HS)
got us actively involved in chemistry: Acid, Base or Neutral? In teams of two we tested six solutions contained in microtip plastic droppers with bromothymol blue indicator using a clear plastic, 24 well plate. (handout) We had to figure out which solutions were acidic, basic or neutral. And infer relative strengths. Neat! Thanks for sharpening our chemistry, Pat!

Lilla Green (Hartigan School)
brought bugs to class! She had crickets in a plastic box, along with a little lettuce and a leaf hopper (brought in by a student) and a fish in a small bowl. Lilla told us how these are examples that serve as a source of activities at her school resource center. The crickets are used for salamander food! An inspiration for each of us. It doesn't take much to involve our students. Thanks, Lilla!