Biology-Chemistry High School SMILE Meeting
14 September 1999
Notes Prepared by Earl Zwicker

Therese Donatello (ST Edwards School)
passed out magnets and common objects, and we explored which were attracted to the magnets. We tried the magnets on stuff in our pockets, etc, and learned that some metals are attracted. None of the non-metals we tried were attracted.

Next, we tried to generate static electricity by rubbing. If the rubbed object became charged, then we found the puffed wheat could be attracted; there was no case of repulsion found. We carefully discussed the results and got an idea of how scientists look at the world. Good ideas!

Chuck Buzek (Spry School)
took us out to the IIT meadow and led a discussion on the feasibility of science fair experiments involving biology. Digging down through soil might reveal different organisms at different depths. Trees may tend to grow more in one direction than another. How could we find out? Chuck gave us some ways to learn how. Great!