Biology-Chemistry High School SMILE Meeting
26 September 2000
Notes Prepared by Earl Zwicker

                       OUR NEXT MEETING...
                            ...will be on October 10, 2000
                       4:15 p.m.
                       152 LS

Pam Moy (Morgan Park HS),
in an Introduction to Data Gathering, had us busy using metric tape measures to find the height, length and width of the desk at the front of the room. All measurements were taken in cm, except that the length of the table in front was measured in meters. Then we all measured the length of our feet in cm and mm, the height of each of our lab partners in m, and the length of the hallway in meters. We also found the temperature of water in two beakers, one beaker filled with hot water from the coffee pot, the other at room temperature. We found that one "lap" around the hall of our Life Sciences building is approx. 131 meters (approx. 16 m wide x 50 m long). A great many details had to be settled about how to make the many measurements, and much discussion arose. Made us think! Good stuff, Pam. Thanks!

Zoris Soderberg (Webster School)
gave us her creed:

Make it - Graphic, Simple, Safe, Relevant, Fun!

She put out a set of empty bags, bottles, other containers bearing labels about their former contents. Zoris asked us to read the labels and "set a better table." She used her hand puppet, "Chef Combo," who asked questions: What are the food groups? Protein - from dairy and meat products. Starches -- etc. We were able to get lots of info from the labels and learn about the nutritional value of various food stuffs. Thanks, Zoris, for the " Food for thought!"

Notes taken by Ben Stark [IIT].