High School Biology-Chemistry SMILE Meeting
28 September 2004
Notes Prepared by Porter Johnson

Chris Etapa  [Gunsaulus Academy]           The Ecosphere
Chris' son bought an "ecosphere" for her for about $20 (oddly, at an electronics store). It is a glass globe that is sealed. It is 3-4 inches (8-10 cm)  in diameter. It contains brine shrimp (5) and algae and about 6 snails.  The system is self contained and self sustaining. It is about 3/4 filled with water. The algae make oxygen for respiration of the snails and shrimp which make CO2 for the algae. The algae presumably make biomass to support the growth of the shrimp and snails. Enough nutrients (presumably for algal growth) are included in the solution to support at least 2 years of sustainability. We enjoyed passing the ecosphere around and examining it close up.  Very interesting, Chris!

Terry Donatello [ST Edwards School, Elmwood Park]          Atoms and how to show some things about atoms, even though you can't see atoms
(in a sense a version of the Rutherford gold foil experiment [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBqHkraf8iE] )  We all welcomed Terry back with great enthusiasm!

These were good models of the Rutherford experiment!  Thanks, Terry.

Ken Schug [IIT Chemistry]     Ken's "Chemistry Road Show"

Wonderful phenomenological chemistry, Ken!

Roster for Future Meetings
Date Participant
Oct 12 Marva Anyanwu
Oct 26 Wanda Pitts, Barbara Lorde
Nov 09 - x -
Nov 23 Brenda Daniel
Dec 07 Walter
Dec 14 - x -

Notes taken by Benjamin Stark.