High School Biology-Chemistry SMILE Meeting
12 October 1999
Notes taken by Pat Riley [Lincoln Park HS]
[Porter Johnson, IIT: redacteur]

John Scavo [Richards Voc HS]

Ken Schug [IIT Professor of Chemistry]
  1. He had 2 solutions that he poured into separate glasses and then mixed them together. The clear liquids turned a red color.

  2. He then divided a the mixture into 3 parts and put some of the original solutions into separate glasses. They got darker.
    A + B ---> C (red)
    C + A ---> C
    C + B ---> C
    Since the colors got darker this showed that there were all three compounds in each solution. So the equation would be
    A + B <===> C (equilibrium).
    The specific reaction was
    Fe+++ + SCN- <===> FeSCN+++