Biology-Chemistry High School SMILE Meeting
23 November 1999
Notes Prepared by Porter Johnson

Karlene Joseph [Lane Tech High School]

  1. 3 plates with lots of surface area.
  2. 1 plate with water
  3. 1 plate with skim milk
  4. 1 plate with whole milk

We observed as she dropped different colors of food coloring on the plates. She then put a drop of dishwashing detergent (JOYTM) in the middle. We observed the colors dissipate, move, flow, and mix in the plates. The there was more activity with milk than with water.

The Science: The hydrophobic and hydrophilic reaction of the soap in milk and water. They also think the soap acts in milk because it cuts grease, which is a soluble fat in milk. She also introduced us to photosynthesis and its parts by doing a photosynthesis play. We acted as parts in photosynthesis, like H+, electron transport chain, light, photosystems I and 11, primary electron acceptors, thylakoid, stroma, ATP synthase, NADP, and Enzyme. A lot of fun was had in making ATP and NADPH in the light reactions.

Sophia Watson [ Manley High School]
She had volunteers dye eggs with water, food coloring, and varying amounts of vinegar, to determine if different amounts of vinegar in the mixtures would affect how well it dyed. The eggs were observed and we found that the eggs, along with two teaspoons of vinegar, dyed the best. An interesting discussion of variables and other labs ensued.

Melinda Ross [Hefran Elementary School]
Brain Power: Melinda showed us two lists with letters under them. We were then challenged to remember them. We were also asked why we thought we remembered each list, having to do with how we can remember things. We were then asked to move our right foot in a clockwise motion, and simultaneously to move our right hand in a clockwise motion. We were then asked to change the motion to up and down, and we became confused. We were then asked to move our left foot in a counter-clockwise motion while our right foot went clockwise, and to move our right hand in a clockwise motion.