Elementary Mathematics-Science SMILE Meeting
23 February 1999
Notes Prepared by Earl Zwicker

Section A [K-5]:
Sandra Broomes [Sherman School]
She presented several math activities:

Marjorie Fields [Young Elementary School]
Static Electricity with paper and sugar

Shirley Cesair [Henderson School]
white glue and borax --> flubber peanut description; return to bog partner tries to identify.

Imara Abdullah [Douglas School]
ions in fruit

Sheila McKinnon [Sherman School]
origami: Japanese-inspired paper folding: elephant, pig, shark, airplane

Section B [4-8]:

Barbara Pawela [CPS retired - formerly at May School]
Physical and Chemical changes in various systems:

  1. diet pepsi cans [froze&exploded--chemical] [Why did Diet Pepsi freeze before Sprite?]
  2. microwave pastry [left in too long; exploded--chemical]
  3. slicing an apple [physical]; apple surface then turns brown [chemical]
  4. heating apple slice in a candle [chemical]
  5. cooking raw egg in a skillet [chemical]
  6. cutting paper [physical]; burning paper [chemical]
  7. salt and water --> saltwater brine [chemical]
  8. salt and pepper mixture [physical]
  9. burning candle [chemical]
  10. melting ice with candle [physical]
  11. boiling water [physical]
  12. soda and vinegar [chemical changes produces C02; caught in a balloon
  13. hydrogen peroxide and yeast [chemical changes produces 02; caught in a balloon]

Nina Lilisa [Good Counsel HS]
Energy transfer: energy exists in bundles, and we can illustrate transfer of a bundle of energy by transferring a wad of paper.

Earnest Garrison [Chicago Vocational HS]
Pocket Sundial: it measures local solar time, and there is a correction to be made for the date. PJ comment: these sundials must be different at different latitudes on earth [Chicago is 42o above the equator], and must go around the other way in the Southern Hemisphere. See the picture of an Antipodean Sundial in Christchurch, New Zealand: http://sunandshadows.net/canterbury.htm 

Estellvenia Sanders [Chicago Vocational HS]
Science and Signing [Part 10]:
In sign language you have the option of giving the "sign" or "spelling out" the letters, and the signs have many meanings. The signs are often related to common gestures [hand touching head and off = "forget"; "opening pop bottle and making a "pop" = "pop"; needle into arm = "drugs"; etc]. She reviewed these signs: coke, red, color, food, glass, visual, taste, lemon, paper/school, orange, yellow, clue/idea.

It was commented that deaf people are often good dancers, and they especially enjoy music very loud so that they can "feel" it.

Ben Butler [L Ward School]
Making a balance scale out of everyday materials:

Ben showed that a "C" Battery weighs about 90 grams, "Snickers" mini-bars are 20 grams, etc. Also, he demonstrated that oatmeal contains iron filings, using a magnet. [Question: Can your body digest iron filings? (We hope so, because some breakfast cereals contain them.)]