High School Math Physics SMILE Meeting
11 February 2003
Notes Prepared by Porter Johnson

The Math/Physics SMILE class meeting was held in the HUB auditorium, in conjunction with the 2003 Chicago Regional Bridge Building Contests. Here are the top four winners in each contest:

City of Chicago Region Mass (kg) Efficiency
 1  Oscar Duran   --   Morgan Park 36.00 2452.3
 2  Matt Kaminecki   --   ST Ignatius College Preg 67.00 2310.5
3 Robin Harris -- Resurrection 31.00 2094.6
4 DeCarlo Johnson -- Harlan  58.00 2073.0
North Suburban Chicago Region

1 Mike Shaw   --   Wheaton-Warrenville S 57.00 3119.2
 2  Kelli Behrens   --   Wheaton-Warrenville S 42.00 2820.7
3 Sam Norris -- Evanston Twp 33.00 2403.5
4 Brittany Patrick -- Prairie Ridge 43.00 2158.6
South Suburban Chicago Region

 1  Don Ruffatto   --   Lincoln-Way Central 58.00 3259.5
 2 Jon LaFave   --   Waubonsie Valley 66.00 2145.0
3 Oscar Herrera -- Bloom Trail 45.00 2075.6
4 Michael Blaser -- Joliet Central 53.00 2067.7

First and Second place winners received bridge kits and information to compete in the International Contest to be held at IIT, Chicago on April 26. For prizes, First place winners had first choice of a DVD player, an Infinity Optics, or a Mirage. Second place winners had second choice, and Third place had third choice. All, including Fourth place winners, also received Bridge Contest T-shirts.

All the above winners received invitations to the Engineering Week Dinner, thanks to Chief Judge George Krupa.

Each of the schools having winners received an elegant trophy for display. All participating schools will receive --- via or at ISPP [http://ispp.info] meetings --- photos of theirs students who participated, and all students will receive a Certificate of Merit, with special  certificates for winners. All students have already received an impressive medallion with red-white-blue ribbon. These may be worn around the neck to identify them as participants within their schools and physics classes. Each has also received a special coffee mug, courtesy of the Illinois Engineers Council. The Frank Garcher "traveling" Supertrophy was awarded to ST Ignatius High School (Chicago) thanks to Matt Kaminecki, whose bridge carried the greatest load, 67 kg.

A total of 131 bridges were tested by students from 44 city and suburban high schools at this 29th Annual Contest.

A BIG THANK YOU!! ... to the Committee (Bill Blunk, Ann Brandon, Roy Coleman, Tom Jensen, George Krupa, Eduardo de Santiago, Carlo Segre, Bill Shanks, Lee Slick, Jim Stankevitz, Thomas Torres, Earl Zwicker) who have made it happen by giving of their talent and time. Several have served for 29 years!

Congratulations to all the winners, particularly to the top two in each region who will be participating in the 2003 International Contest in April! For additional details on the contest, see the website http://bridgecontest.phys.iit.edu/

Notes prepared by Porter Johnson