HS Mathematics-Physics SMILE
29 September 1998
Notes prepared by Alex Junievicz

Theresa Tobecksen [St Andrews, Calumet City]

She teaches elementary school-4th grade - all subjects

She showed a material tester, which had a flashlight bulb, a pin hole, and a mirror. It showed transmission of light. She showed a periscope. Also she showed a cylinder covered with mylar, where distorted pictures are made recognizable by the reflections from the cylinder. Roy Coleman commented about anamorphic art.

Alan Tobecksen [Richards Voc HS]

He showed a rope that was tied to each hand and between two people...and the objective was separate from one other. He left the resolution of the problem till next week.

Bill Shanks [Joliet Central HS, retired]

Free Fall....(glow in the dark ball which could be used to demonstrate eclipses and showers) Velocity vs time graph. It took Galileo to tame the concept of the complex relationships.

time            velocity               distance
[sec]            [m/sec]               [meters]
 0                  0                     0
 1                -10                     5
 2                -20                    20
 3                -30                    45

He showed a bar 1.5 meters long with washers hanging down at regularly spaced intervals to a distance of 1.25 meters. He threw a ball and saw it was close to the washers. Now he tilted the bar upward and made a toss upward, showing that the ball still tracked the washers. He showed that the ball also could be made to track the washers on a downward tilt.

Comments by Porter Johnson

A baseball drops 1.2 meters between the pitcher and home plate---when the speed of release of the ball is about 40 meters/sec, or 100 mph. This vertical motion is difficult to predict, and is a major factor in making baseballs difficult to hit, and to catch.

Bill Colson [Morgan Park HS] He showed several articles relating to Science.

How to make sense of Science - Parade Magazine Sept 20. It is good to read about changes in science in places such as Parade Magazine; Chicago Tribune Magazine

Earl Zwicker [IIT retired]

He dropped an Iron plate with a magnet just above it.

He showed it this way:  | ---------   |
                                      |  Magnet   |
                                      |           |
                                      |  FE plate |

When the assembly dropped the plate resting on the bottom comes up to the magnet but before they stay separated.