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TEDxIIT is a student organization with the purpose to host a world class TED like event on main campus, for the global audience. It is designed for the entire IIT Global Community, which includes all students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees and the greater IIT Community Download the Harry Potter audiobook. The event is live- streaming with global audience from around the globe. Videos are posted on TED website, leaving digital footprint for IIT. TEDxIIT.com All seats in the past events were sold out 뭐야이 번호. Last year the live-streaming attracted 30,000 viewers globally.

TEDxIIT was founded by IIT alumna Amy Lee Segami in 2009 shortly after she was invited to speak at the inaugural TEDxPeachtree in Atlanta 트립컴퓨터. Her vision is to showcase the many talents and ideas of the IIT community. “The project brings individuals out of their silos to work toward a common goal, and share ideas and resources along the way,” said Segami Download the video crop program. As the co-organizer, Segami works with a different group of international student leaders every year. This term, Isabelle Romero, a sophomore from Michigan, is leading the group Elaine downloaded. Working with her is Yoetzin Diaz, Vice President of committees and a senior in Architecture from Mexico; Webmaster Pritom Gogoi, a graduate student in Computer Science from India; and Lisa Lee, secretary and a freshman in Business major from Singapore Download Kuro senior and black mansion. Up to 50 student volunteers are involved in event productions, communications, speakers, marketing and sponsors.

Turning obstacles into opportunities, the team learns valuable life lessons beyond the classroom 아이폰 vimeo. “The students involved learn creative problem solving and experience the potential for innovation through collaboration. TEDxIIT offers tremendous learning and sharing experience for the students as much as for the speakers and audience,” Segami reflects bear tv movies.

TEDx blogged about the Six Degree of TEDx: The Birth of TEDxIIT

Her talk, “What If You Could Paint On Water?” was voted as one of the Best of TEDxPeachtree in 2013 Download the iPhone email.

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