How do I register to attend the TEDxIIT event?

Seats for TEDxIIT are limited. To honor the TED and TEDx licensing agreement, everyone must apply online. When the Ticket application is available, you will be among the first group to receive the notice, if you are on our mailing list.
After we notify everyone on our preferred mailing list, then the general public will receive the notice thru online social media and website. TEDxIIT has historically been sold out very fast. It would be for your best interest to be on the mailing list. Just saying.

When and where is Weekly Planning Meeting?

TEDxIIT starts all meeting on time. The best part is to kick off each meeting. If you are not early, you are late.

All executive boards and chairs are expected to attend this mandatory weekly planning meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend anytime as a guest.

Email us for details: <2018@TEDxIIT.com>

When and where is TEDxIIT taken place?


Typically, during the second weekend in April Download kt teamap.


IIT Tower Auditorium.

10 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL 60616

(312) 567-8900 Security Desk

The Tower is the tall white highrise at the northwest corner of 35th and State. Across the Tower on the Southwest corner of 35th and State is Starbucks.

Show your Federal ID. Mention TEDxIIT rehearsal at the auditorium.

If you arrive at the building early, there is a cafe with tables and chairs at the lobby.

How do I get there? Is there parking?

There are a few ways to get to IIT:

Public transport : IIT is located just off the CTA red line (Sox-35th), the green line (35th Bronzeville IIT), and a Metra flag stop.  If you are taking the beloved CTA  or Metra you can visit: http://www.transitchicago.com/ for the best directions from your location 랭커의 귀환. If you are driving, please visit: http://www.iit.edu/about/directions_main_campus.shtml for directions.
Here is some other interesting location information, such as nearby cafes and neighborhood services:  http://www.iit.edu/tower/location.shtml

Parking is across the Tall White Tower Building, at the lot by the 35th CTA station,  ie. NE corner of 35th and State. Free parking on the weekend.  

Here is the best way to approach the lot. From 35th and State Street, head northbound on State Street. Turn right at the 34th and State. Once in the lot, head South (toward 35th street).

Uber is another option to consider.

What is the dress code?

TED style dress smart. Business casual is the most appropriate.

A shirt with a pair of jeans, khaki pants or slack, add an optional sport jacket or sweater, would be perfect for the man Campus Legends. Tie and suit are not necessary.

Of course, there are a lot more options for the ladies. Highly recommend that you wear shoes that are comfortable so that you can smile and network.

What is the theme of TEDxIIT?

The theme for TEDxIIT-2016 is “UnexpecTED”.

An unexpected idea which improves the lives of many people, results in significant positive changes or brings abundant joy and pleasure. The idea could have already been done in the past, the present, or soon to be in the future.

The x in the Unexpected Theme implies that the idea could be in any field such as technology, energy, humanity, arts, culture, or basic needs. Stretch your imagination.

The TED or TEDx Talk is about ideas worth spreading:

  • An unexpected idea comes from an ordinary situation.
  • An unexpected situation which led to an idea worth spreading.
  • An idea on how to deal with the unexpected situation or people: the good, the bad or the ugly Android for pc.

If I do not receive any ticket confirmation by the week of the event, what are my options?

TEDxIIT has historically been sold out very fast. If you did not receive a ticket confirmation, you are welcome to show up early as standby. 15 minutes before the show, all no show seats will be released. You might be lucky enough to get a seat. In case there are no seats at all, you can watch on the monitor from the lobby or go to an off-site viewing station. Details will be provided on the application form and on the day of the event.

Can I watch this online or view the conference at a later date?

TEDxIIT will be live streaming worldwide. You can watch the event anywhere with internet connections. There will be a live streaming button post on our website during the week of the event. Sign up in advance. Make some comments so that we know you are with us.

Caution: Switch to WiFi mode if you plan to watch on your smartphone or iPad unless you have unlimited data plan.


May be. We’re seeking cool gadgets and technology, breathtaking ideas and provocative art, delicious and remarkable food, and, of course, interesting speakers. Best option is to join our mailing list. Then you will receive all updates.
You may also contact the organizers: info@TEDxIIT.com.

Who is presenting at TEDxIIT?

Interesting people with ideas worth spreading. People at the top of their game. People just starting out. People who’ve done it all and wrote the book. It’s a mix of speakers you won’t see anywhere else. You can find our list of compelling speakers here!

TEDxIIT is an independently organized  TED conference. As the licensee, TEDxIIT observes all the guidelines including the fact that speakers are chosen because they have ideas worth spreading. At TEDxIIT, you will find top-notch scientists and entrepreneurs sharing the platform with students and accomplished alumni.

How could I be considered as a TEDxIIT speaker?

TEDxIIT speakers are from all subject matters, such as: Design, Entertainment, Technology, Smart Grid Innovation, Renewable Energy, Diversity, Interdisciplinary/Entrepreneurship Education, Eco-architectural Design, Biomedical Engineering, Music, Food, Social Development, Neuroscience, etc 뻔한멜로디 mp3 다운로드. No religious or political ideas.

All IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology, also known as Illinois Tech, affiliated community, including and not limited to, all current students, faculty, staff, trustees and greater Chicago community as well as IIT alumni worldwide, are eligible to be nominated.

The standard protocol is for the nominator to pre-qualify the speaker according to the guidelines, stated in the nomination form. Here is an example of a previous nomination form, http://bit.ly/txi17speakernfpdf [download the pdf click here]

If you are interested to be TEDxIIT speaker, ask yourself

(i) Do you have an idea worth spreading?

(ii) Are you interested to be part of the community of TED, TEDx and IIT?

(iii) Will you be willing to devote meaningful commitment to your talk as well as with the team?

Join our mailing list, follow us on twitter and friend us on facebook. When it’s time to call for speakers, TEDxIIT will send out notice. Typically, it is a short turnaround time. If you are serious about being a speaker at TEDxIIT, it helps that you start thinking about your idea now. Get involved with the community now 로직 사운드 라이브러리 다운로드.

How do you select your speakers?

TEDxIIT posts the Call for Speakers and Speaker Nomination Form on TEDxIIT.com and social media. If you are on our list and social media, you will receive the notice.

The general public are welcome to attend an open meeting which the nominators will have the option of making a pitch for the nominee, up to 2 minutes. The speakers will have up to 2 mins for a Q&A session to clarify their own idea, if needed.

Then, the planning team will present the ideas which have no presenters. There will be lots of discussion and deliberation.

Finally, the planning committee will review and cast their votes to rank the ideas worth spreading and speakers that are most appropriated to the theme.

The nominee with the idea which receives the highest score will be the first contacted for the interview in the next few days. Next, the second highest score will be contacted and so forth. After the interview, the semifinalists will be invited to attend a mandatory speaker orientation 드라마 시그널.

Resources/ Information Center

Why do you end sentences with a preposition?

We like to keep you on your toes! about, to and from.

What if I can only come for a short period of time?

Speakers and attendees agree to stay for the whole event. We are planning for an extraordinary time, go out of our way to make this a great experience for you. It will be a pity if you miss the best part and waste the seat which someone else would really appreciate the experience. If you can’t set aside one day for the TEDxIIT, that’s OK. You can always watch it online. It will be live streaming worldwide.
For volunteers, we welcome and appreciate any help and anytime you can provide. We will bend backward (up to 32 degrees) for you. As volunteers, you may or may not guarantee for a seat in the auditorium. You will, however, blend in with our hard working and fun seeking team. You will be glad for the experience. All students are most welcome and encouraged to join as volunteers. Contact V@TEDxIIT.com
So far, the attendees always have been delighted by the experience Download Google Maps Maps for Android. Watch the testimonials here.

How can an IIT Student attend the event?

TEDxIIT is an innovative global event organized by IIT Students for the IIT Community worldwide. Most seats are for the alumni, faculties, staffs. TEDxIIT has been sold out year after year with 100+ on the waitlist. Majority of Illinois Tech students attend as volunteer to serve the community with ideas worth spreading.

Please fill this Volunteering application form to be part of the event (You might need to log in your hawk email to access the form). You can also show up at the weekly meeting. Join the mailing list for detail info. Watch out on our fanpage, social media, and flyers on campus. Once you are in the system, you will receive updates.

How to get ticket to TEDxIIT?

TEDxIIT has been sold out consistently with 100+ on the wait list.

Per TED and TEDx protocol, to ensure a diverse audience there is two step process. First, you apply for a ticket. Upon approval, you will receive a link to confirm your ticket.

Please look out for the invitation to apply for tickets coming soon.

If you known anyone who is interested to attend, please suggest that they join the mailing list, http://bit.ly/txisignup

How to watch TEDxIIT live streaming?

About a week before the event, a link will be posted on this website chrome add-ons.

The event will be live streaming thru TED platform. You can watch it live anywhere on earth thru internet. If you happen to be out of space, and you really like to watch this, leave your eyeball with someone who can watch on your behave.

Who provides funding for this event?

TEDx IIT is an independently organized TED event. Although licensed by TED.com we do not receive any funding from TED. The student planning team is responsible for raising money for this event with the support from the university (providing the facility such as the auditorium, parking, etc), alumni (coaching time, mentorship and professional guidance), community and local business.

If you or anyone you know who believe in what we do, or in the position to provide any support, funding contribution is greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to the university account for educational funding, that goes directly to TEDxIIT. http://bit.ly/txisupport

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Contact Us

Still have a question?

Please contact: Info@TEDxIIT.com