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Tanya Cabera – Keeping The Dream Alive


Tanya Cabera shares the idea of Dream Fund at TEDxIIT asp.net 다운로드. The children of the undocumented immigrants experience the constant fear of deportation and numerous psychological traumas.

Tom Tresser – The Gift Economy


Tom Tresser proposes the idea of a Gift Economy Samsung Scan and Fax Manager. The economy gains momentum when people start to offer something that they have as a gift, in the forms of product, service or cash, free to the community without any strings attached banner image.

Muhammed Fazeel – Startup Simplified


At TEDxIIT, Muhammed Fazeel shared his experience of how to gain momentum to pursue an idea for start up 제이슨 본 시리즈 다운로드. The devices he has invented, so far, were based on his personal experience in the emergency room and the classroom.

Joseph Clair – The Community Imperative


At TEDxIIT, Joseph Clair shares his idea of The Community Imperative, and the straightforward actions you can take to gain the momentum 크롬 애드블록.

Nityananda Pran Das – Unity in Diversity


At TEDxIIT, Nityananda Pran Das shares the idea of Unity in Diversity Download the song of The West Wind's Guangdong. Each human being can gain momentum by fully leveraging and realizing his or her potential in an environment of respect and equal opportunity.

Daniya Kamran – Ideation as a Reward in STEM


At TEDxIIT, Daniya Kamran shares the idea how she would like to be taught as a student oracle jdk 1.8 다운로드. She talks about gaining momentum by transforming the way we teach, and increasing our ability to persist.

James Stone – The End of the Age of Entitlement


At TEDxIIT, James Stone shares his idea to end of the Age of Entitlement, from Depression to Sustained Growth 공문서 다운로드. He proposes ways to gain momentum of economic recovery.

Debbie Vyskocil – Using Science To Take Control of Physical and Emotional Health


At TEDxIIT, Debbie Vyskocil shares the idea of dealing with stress through biofeedback 수치지도. The concept of using computers to ʺfeed backʺ information about a body’s response to thoughts is gaining momentum in many disciplines.


Onye Ozuzu – Technology of the American Dancing Body


Onye Ozuzu shares her idea of relating the body to the technology development 스윗소로우 좋겠다 mr. Her dance gains momentum by integrating with various culture, discipline and techniques.


Marc Hans – Living your momentum: ScienceFIST


Marc Hans shares his own story of gaining momentum with perseverance, determination and helping others at TEDxIIT.