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Cheryl Jefferson – Breaking Criminal Traditions


When Cheryl Jefferson started getting indigestion from all the words she was holding back, she knew it was time to speak up. So she spoke up for love and won a writing competition. She spoke up for health and won several artists in residence. But when she spoke up for human rights, she began to change the world.

Chris Drew and Sara Beardsley – Beyond Buildings


Many architects focus on the visual esthetics of their projects—or the functionality of their component parts 다운로드. But Chris Drew and Sara Beardsley see architecture as much more than that. They believe good design can help improve the cities we live in, and the air we breathe. In this video they share their valuable insight and perspective, and take us “Beyond Buildings.”

James Stone – Achieving Full Employment


James Howard Stone suggests that there is almost universal agreement on the many advantages of raising our level of employment: poverty is reduced, the rate of consumption is increased, the burden on society and government resources are reduced, and crime is reduced 카카오 톡 사진. But, like the weather, everybody talks about it—few do anything about it. Today that changes… In this video, James Howard Stone shares his experienced viewpoint on how our country can bring about exponential growth in its level of employment.

Nik Rokop – Why You Must Start a Business While in School


Nik Rokop has a passion for creating new businesses and helping others succeed 샹송 벨소리. He believes that, though most young people starting college are going through significant transitions, they also have available many opportunities. And he’s speaking from experience, because Nik Rokop is the Managing Director of the Knapp Entrepreneurship Center at IIT and a life-long entrepreneur, advisor and investor. Which is also why he’s the best person to explain “Why you MUST start a business while in school.”

Jacqueline Roche – How Education Saved My Life


Leadership Academy Scholar, Jacqueline Roche, is your tour guide along the road that molded her into who she is and that enabled her to achieve the life she has now CorelDraw 2019. Jacqui is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a way to inspire you to share your story and realize your own potential.

Avelo Roy – Currency of Relationships


As a freshman, Avelo Roy made a mark on the campus with his sincere efforts to contribute to the IIT community. After receiving the Outstanding First Year student award, he was elected to the position of VP of Academic Affairs in the student government, when he spearheaded bringing back the Bog and initiate 24 hour library service on campus Download Sims 2 for free. Avelo’s relationships at IIT helped jumpstart his entrepreneurial venture that earned him more than 23 awards, press coverage and more than $40,000 even before he graduated.

Neil Milsted – As We May Do


Neil Milsted has been fascinated by technology for his entire life 삼성 원 폰트 ttf. Whenever he’s exposed to a new technology that allows machines to reach out into the real world or act intelligently, he gets a child-like thrill. He’s also deeply intertwined in the Chicago computer scene. And that is why no one is better suited to talk about the interaction between computers and humans than Neil Milsted 오 판다. He has a lot of opinions and ideas, and he’s about to share some of those with you now.

Nina Ellis-Hervey – Psychological Well-Being


Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey believes that when you change yourself, you change your world. When you change how you think, you change how you feel and what actions you take 한글 2018 교육기관용. And so the world around you changes. In this video, Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey is going to explore ways you can strengthen your life holistically by utilizing psychological theories related to self-concept, self-esteem, motivation and locus of control. And she’s here to help you grow and reach your potential.


Ann Clark – Lessons from Haiti


Ann Clark is a native Chicagoan, practicing architect and community leader cnki 논문 다운로드. One of her guiding principles is working on projects that have social relevancy. Her work often goes beyond traditional delivery methods of architecture into the realms of community activism and fundraising in order to move projects from idea to actualization. In this video, Ann is giving us an insider’s look at her recently completed project, the Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital in Haiti.

Manu Vora – Exponential Power of Gift Giving


Dr 루나 슬픈인연 다운로드. Manu Vora both believes in and applies the exponential power of the gift of giving. He is the founder and director of the Blind Foundation for India, whose mission is to educate and rehabilitate incurably blind people. Since 1989, Dr. Vora and his team have raised over $3.5 million, which has helped more than one million blind people in India.

Jill Morgenthaler – Fake It Till You Make It


Retired Army Colonel Jill Morgenthaler is a highly respected woman leader with a footlocker full of firsts. She was one of the first women to train as an equal with men. She was one of the first women commanders in South Korea; she was the first woman battalion commander in the 88th Command; and she was the first woman brigade commander in the 84th Division. Colonel Jill Morgenthaler was also the first woman to lead Illinois’s Dept of homeland security. Famous for her showdown with Saddam Hussein, the Colonel is a renowned expert on leadership and the author of the forthcoming book: From the Battlefield to the Boardroom — Secrets to Lead and Succeed. In this video, she’s going to share with you one of her secrets for exponential leadership.