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Murat Vural

Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Professor Vural joined the MMAE Department in August 2003 after three years of post-doctoral research at Caltech as a visiting associate in aeronautics. Professor Vural's main research field is Experimental Solid Mechanics and, as part of the Solid Mechanics group in the MMAE department, his research is particularly concerned with investigating the mechanical response of materials under severe loading and environmental conditions that involve high-strain-rates, large strains, multiaxial stress states and elevated temperatures. Research emphasis is on understanding and modeling the constitutive response and failure of homogeneous and heterogeneous solids by using experimental and analytical tools along with detailed characterization at microstructural level.


Research in the Vural group draws upon the disciplines of solid mechanics, micro-mechanics, plasticity, stress waves, materials science and computational mechanics to further understand the mechanical behavior of a wide range of materials including cellular solids, granular materials, fiber reinforced composites, ceramics and metallic alloys with emphasis on dynamic response. The basic motivation of the research in our group stems from the need to develop constitutive models and determine the critical conditions for failure and associated micromechanical deformation mechanisms. The understanding of the mechanical response of materials under varying loading rates and complex state of stress not only provides us with basic tools to model and analyze engineering structures but also help us develop new design strategies to use materials in the most efficient and reliable way for specific applications.


Students fascinated with any aspect of dynamic material response, ballistic impact and penetration mechanics, crashworthiness of structures, constitutive modeling and associated physical phenomena such as strain hardening, strain rate hardening, rate sensitivity of strain hardening, thermo-mechanical coupling, failure mechanics, inertial and micro-inertial effects are encouraged to join Professor Vural's group.


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